Measuring tapes

There are measuring tapes for accurate measurements of various construction objects or renovation. Under the brand GRAFF products with different steel ribbon lengths are made. It makes possible to take characteristics from any objects. The accessories are made with a rubberized body and there is a marking on both sides of the steel ribbon. It simplifies greatly the process of reading from different angles.

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Showing all 8 results

Useful information:

A measuring tape is a special tool made in a small plastic case with a rubberized body. It is compact and has a convenient shape. This measuring tool fits easily in the hand and is perfectly fixed in it due to ribbed protrusions along the entire perimeter of the product.
There are other options available for purchase but just ones with rubberized body are considered to be reliable. This rubber acts also as a protective bumper, preventing damage of a tool while falling.
There is a special steel spring and a coil and also a steel tire of a certain width inside the product. It is usually 16 mm width. It provides long service life without breaks. The marking is applied on the tire.
In cheaper measuring tapes it is available only on one side. It somewhat limits and worsens the operation process. The measuring tape from the brand GRAFF possesses markup on both sides of the ribbon. Besides a coating that does not wear out under mechanical stress for a long service life is used.
There are 1 or 2 stoppers on the measuring tape body, one of which fixes the ribbon while holding the retainer with your finger; it is very convenient if the linear dimensions are transferred successively to several parts without permutations. However, if you still need to change the position but the size needs to be maintained, then you can use a fixing mechanism of permanent action – it, like a wedge, blocks the rewind of the tire.

Pecularities of GRAFF measuring tapes
There are several types of measuring tapes 3, 5 and 8 m length under the brand GRAFF. Products of this brand are characterized by increased performance and service life due to the following things:

  • The measuring tire is made of metal thickened and enlarged in width. In tools 3 m, it is 16 mm width, in roulettes 5 m length the width of the ribbon is 25 mm. It directly determines and increases the period of active tool operation in various conditions.

The ribbon is covered with special resistant paint, which does not abrade under the influence of numerous negative factors that may occur during operation. It does not wear out during winding, maintaining clarity and readability of readings on both sides during long-term operation.
On measuring tapes of this brand only markup is present on both sides, what makes it easier to read the measurement results, providing an opportunity to do this from inconvenient angles.
There is a protective rubberized bumper outside that protrudes much beyond the body. This protects the product from all kinds of mechanical damage in case of accidental fall from a height. Plastic itself also has high resistance to shocks and falls, maintaining the integrity of the product under any circumstances.

Recommendations for selection and operation
When deciding to buy a measuring tape for frequent use in everyday life and in the professional sphere, it is necessary to be guided by a number of factors:

  • Intensity of operation. If the product will be used often, then you should not save. Products under the brand GRAFF is an excellent solution because the company produces reliable and very strong measuring tapes of two measurement limits.
  • Practicability. Convenience is often a key aspect when choosing such a tool, especially if it is used frequently. The best solution are measuring tapes with a rubberized body. They fit well into the hand and are securely fixed in it, eliminating the likelihood of an accidental fall.
  • Tire reliability. The most often broken element of measuring tapes is their tire. The brand GRAFF has solved this problem by increasing the thickness of the metal and the width of the strip. The result is a tool that does not break throughout the entire period of active use.
  • Limit of measurement. Roulettes 3 m, 5 m and 8 m lentgh are available for sale. You can also see larger sizes but such products are very large and heavy. They are used to perform measurements at large construction sites.