Diamond cup wheels

The diamond cup is an effective and more durable accessory for grinding concrete and natural stone. In our catalog you can find high-quality GRAFF power tool accessories. These diamond cups can be used on a standard angle grinder or specialized machine for 115 and 125mm discs.

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Useful information:

The diamond cup, like any other cutting tools, belongs to consumable items. The segments wear down during operation and it is more expensive to repair them than to buy a new cup.
It is designed not for cutting but for high-quality grinding of surfaces. Thanks to that it can be possible to align the surface of concrete, natural or artificial stone or remove the layer for the application of the subsequent ones. It depends on the specific production technology.
In any case, for these purposes it is necessary to use tools that would easily cope with this task.
GRAFF products perfectly manage to do this through the use of advanced technology by cups manufacturing. A peculiar feature of the accessory is that more diamond grit is used in cutting segment and diamond welding or thermal pressing followed by baking are used to fix them. This ensures long working lifespan with constant parameters.
GRAFF tools are universal and can be used for grinding the following materials:

  • granite;
  • artificial stone (faux stone);
  • concrete;
  • light reinforced concrete;
  • ceramic and ceramic granite tile;
  • paving tile.

Using such equipment you can not only remove material layer but also make grooves in concrete and stone for installing equipment or other elements when manufacturing the final product.

Cup design
Structurally the cup is a concavethick metal disc with increased durability and standard 22.2 mm mounting bore. This accessory also has air-vents that help to remove abrasive dust from the grinding area.
Segments 5 mm high and 8 mm wide are fixed on the cutting part of the cup. These are optimal parameters due to which grinding process is become easier and the load on the tool the cup is installed is reduced. Holes in the cup are also one of the methods to reduce the product weight.

Cup types
Diamond cups from various manufacturers are distinguished by the following criteria:

  • The shape of the cutting segment. Accessories are produced with a rectangular segment and no particular form. The size of this element determines the purpose of the product. The wide and larger segments are, the better stone surface is processed.
  • The number of segments. It is selected depending on characteristics of grinding. To carry outpreliminary operation the accessory with a smaller number of teeth is used. To perform smoothing work the instrument with a larger number of segments is used.
  • The number of rows. This criterion goes in addition to the previous one. The preliminary operation is performed by the cup with one row, and the smoothing surface grinding is performed by the accessory with two rows.

Recommendations for selection and operational guidelines of diamond cups
Do you need to do a lot of grinding and abrasive stone work? Buy GRAFF diamond cup. Let’s analyze main parameters by which you can choose the diamond cup:

  1. Diameter. Accessories are produced with 115 and 125mm in diameters. It depends on tool parameters the cup is installed on.
  2. The number of segment rows. Both single and double rows are produced under GRAFF brand. At the same time, it is better to use double row diamond cup for smooth grinding, especially in the second where there are 10 segments.
  3. Disc rotational speed. It depends on the thickness and material the cup is made of.