Diamond crown drill bits

The catalog contains diamond core drill bit from the Belarusian manufacturer GRAFF. This accessory possesses increased efficiency and durability when performing various types of work. This is ensured by a special technology of fixing the cutting segments – thermal pressing and laser welding.

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Useful information:

You should use a special tool, diamond core drill bits, for drilling concrete, reinforced concrete, marble, brick, ceramic tile and other mineral-based materials. It is a caliciform accessory with the shank and centering drill. There are special diamond segments on the cutting edge
They are soldered and thermally pressed, that’s why they are very strong. The segments are put in special kerfs on the core drill bit, so that during the tool doesn’t break during drilling.
Diamond core drill bits can be installed in a conventional rotary hammer, powerful drill or special diamond drilling tool with liquid coolant. The use of such devices allows you to get holes deeper, neater and more accurate.

Design peculiarities of diamond core drill bits
Structurally all diamond core drill bits for drilling concrete and other mineral materials consist of the following components:

  • Cylinder tube. It is like a frame on which the crown of teeth is fixed. The tube diameter determines the hole size.
  • There are kerfs on the cutting side in which the segments are put in and soldered. This tool part determines its service life. The better is the segment, the longer will last the accessory.
  • • Fixing drill shank or 6/8mm clamped drill bit. There are also diamond or pobedit teeth at the end of the drill.

Why it is better to use a diamond core drill bit?
There are many advantages of using the core drill bit for concrete. All of them are due to its quality and technology:

  • Smooth cylindrical hole. This is ensured by the elongate frame, i.e. the product tubes which act as guides when moving forward.
  • The level of noise and vibration is significantly reduced during the drilling so it is more comfortable to work with it.
  • Thanks to the quality of the soldered segments and the competent design, such tool makes work much faster and more qualitative.
  • A conscientiously made tool ensures clean drilling and does not break during the drilling first holes. 68 and 82mm GRAFF Diamond core drill bits can serve as examples of quality products. These are the most popular accessories that are used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from drilling holes in the reinforced concrete floor to ceramic tiles of all grades.

Production peculiarities of diamond core drill bits
Brand GRAFF offers a large variety of diamond tools for various tasks including 68 and 82mm core drill bits. Special high-strength steel is used for producing such accessories because the tool heats during the operation. This can lead to fall the segments.
The task of manufactures by producing the tools was precisely in reliability so that special service operates in production. This service detects violations and, if necessary, sends the product for remaking.
Especially the quality stage refers to the process of performing kerf for further teeth installation. The main reason of core drill bits failure is that the segments are often not set at the same height. It happens because one core drill bit is under greater load than the others. As a result of this, it heavily overheats and may fall out of its socket.
A special alloy requires high temperature to melt. This alloy and laser technology is used to seal the segments. Therefore, even with strong heating during operation, the segments remain in place. Our diamond core drill bits can drill any material without cooling, but it is recommended to apply coolant in order to increase the efficiency of drilling.

Recommendations for selection and operational guidelines of diamond core drill bits

  • Pay attention to the type of core drill bit shank. There are several standards depending on its form. For example, most perforators are equipped with SDS plus cartridges, therefore the shank must be of the appropriate shape.
  • Diamond core drill bits are divided into tools for glass, marble, granite, concrete and separately on reinforced concrete. This division depends on drilling materials. There are universal core drill bits like by GRAFF.
  • Pay attention to the tool diameter which should be suitable for installation of electrics and plumbing elements. GRAFF Diamond core drill bits with a minimum size 32 mm to 152 mm are commercially available.
  • Some core drill bits, especially which are applied on glass, require liquid coolant.
  • Choose the accessory that can be prolonged by purchasing a special connector. This is useful when you need to drill a hole in a thick wall.

Do not overheat the diamond core drill bit when operating with it because it can quickly go wrong.