About company

About company
Our tagline: GRAFF – for the best people in the world

The company UAB «GRAFF TOOLS» is engaged in innovative development, production and sales of professional power tools accesoires under the brand GRAFF. This is a wide range of various power tool accesoires: drills, bits, wheels, discs and other appliances that are actively used in construction and repair, as well as in the manufacturing sector.

Our company is also actively involved in social, cultural life and is investing in arts, creating a corporate collection of paintings.

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Investment and cooperation

The company is constantly evolving, developing new products and exploring new markets. Due to the high quality and the innovativeness of the products that we offer, GRAFF tools have found their customers in the markets of United States, Canada, England, Germany, France, Italy.

All products manufactured by the GRAFF brand are protected by the WIPO intellectual property certificate and have an international registration in the countries of United States, Europe.

If you are a talented engineer or an inventor, if you have ideas in the field of tools or accessories that you would like to implement, or you just want to participate in the growth and development of the GRAFF brand, as well as invest in the development of new products, we will happily discuss possible conditions for cooperation. You can email us at: seo@sverlo.by.



Address: J. Savickio g. 4-7, Vilnius, Lithuania

Mobile phone: +37060430161

Mobile phone: +375 29 343 49 55

E-mail: sales@speedcuttergraff.com

E-mail: seo@sverlo.by