GRAFF Turbo segmented high-rim diamond blade for concrete and stone 115 mm

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115 mm segmented high-rim diamond blade for concrete and stone of a special inclined shape. It suits perfectly for installation on a small grinder or angle grinder of appropriate size with 22.2 mm mounting bore. The cutting part of the product is solid. Thanks to it work efficiency and cut quality have slightly increased. After using this blade, no burr and stains remain on cut side.
The blade is suitable for trimming various kinds of natural stones, unreinforced concrete and paving tile. The blade not only cuts but also polishes surface, making it smooth. The cutting part of the edge is produced by hot pressing, which provides necessary durability.
Thanks to increased cutting segment, the manufacturer has managed to increase tool efficiency and its service life up to 25%. As a result, the cutting part is 10 mm high. It is 3 mm larger than of conventional blades.

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115 мм

По материалу

бетон, камень

Посадочное отверстие

22,23 мм

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10 мм