GRAFF single-flute milling cutter 3,175х38х12 mm K10 for plastic and plexiglas with downwards chip removal


GRAFF professional single-flute twist milling cutter is made of K10 hardmetal which removes chips downwards.

GRAFF single-flute milling cutter is used on CNC milling machines without a vacuum clamping table for chips-free machining of the following sheet materials: PVC plastic, plexiglas, chipboard, caprolon, MDF, ABC, plywood, wood, and various veneer or laminated materials. It’s ideal for soft materials prone to sticking.
The milling cutter is made by a full grinding method that ensures quick chip removal and high-accuracy machining. Its mill accuracy class is A1.

The end milling cutter for aluminum and plastic has the following parameters: d = 3,175 mm, L = 38 mm, l = 12 mm, d1 = 8 mm.
d – diameter of the mill cutting part in millimeters; L – total length of the mill in millimeters; l – length of the mill cutting part in millimeters; d1 – shank’s diameter in millimeters.