GRAFF «Premium +» metal measuring tape 8 m length

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Here is the metal measuring tape 8 m length with ribbon 25 mm width.
GRAFF company produces reliable measuring tapes with ribbon 8 m length. This is an improved series of measuring accessories that have a more reliable self-winding mechanism and a thickened tire 25 mm width. Measuring marking is applied on both sides and ut facilitates the reading process during installation or various construction works. The ribbon is made of thicker metal, which is less prone to kinks – respectively, the product itself will serve a longer time. To apply the drawing, the manufacturer used a special paint, which does not wear out due to mechanical contact while maintaining a clear reading. The measuring tape is made in a plastic case with a reinforced rubber bumper, which will protect it from damage when falling on a hard surface. There is a pulse lock and permanent lock to hold the tape in the extended state.