GRAFF Expert diamond core drill bit SDS plus for reinforced concrete 82 mm

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Such core drill bits are used only in shock-free mode. They are intended for the following materials: light concrete, reinforced concrete (structural reinforcement up to 5 mm is acceptable), brick, natural and artificial stone, gas silicate blocks. To avoid blocking up core drill bit , it is necessary to use light rotational movements (by a rotary hammer) duringperformance, and you should also remove the centering drill after passing the first 5 mm of processed material.
It is used for dry drilling of concrete and other construction materials. 82 mm diameter perfectlz copes with drilling holes for socket boxes. Turbo diamond segment, attached by laser soldering, provides long service life and allows you to work with hard concrete. A centering drill bit for concrete and a holder for SDS plus core drill bit are included. A centering drill is clamped in an adapter with an Allen key screw.

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