GRAFF Expert diamond blade 350×10х2,2х30/25,4 mm for porcelain tile


GRAFF Expert professional diamond blade 350×10х2,2х30/25,4 mm is used with stone-cutting working machines for cutting ceramic tiles, natural stoneware, marble and porcelain tile. The 10 mm segments are attached to the disc by hot pressing method that ensures a safe and long-lasting connection and an increased service life. The segment thickness is 2,2 mm, which enables ultra-fine cut.

The disc is suitable for both dry and wet cutting with a maximum speed not exceeding 4400 rpm.

The diamond disc has the following parameters: 350 mm – disc’s diameter, 10 mm – height of a cutting diamond segment, 25,4/30 mm – bore diameters, 2,2 – disc’s thickness.

The disc is self-sharpened by abrasion of the diamond grit layer during operation. To sharpen it’s necessary to make 2-3 cuts in silicon or abrasive stone.

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350 мм

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асфальт, свежий бетон

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