GRAFF Expert diamond blade 125×10х22,23 mm for ceramic


GRAFF Expert professional diamond blade 125 mm for tiles, granite and marble with a cutting thickness of 1,2 mm is used with angle grinders.
Due to increased 10 mm cutting edge, the manufacturer has managed to raise tool efficiency and its service life up to 20% compared to similar discs with a standard 5 mm cutting edge height. The cutting part of the edge is produced by hot pressing, which provides solid durability. Specially selected size of diamond crumb allows working without any chips for granite, marble, porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles. The disc has an ultra-thin 1,2 mm cut and extra holes for efficient heat dissipation.

Diamond cutting disc size is 125×1,2x10x22,2 mm.
Diamond disc has the following parameters: 125 mm – disc’s diameter,1,2 – disc’s thickness, 10 mm – height of a cutting diamond segment, 22,2 mm – a bore diameter.

The disc is self-sharpened by abrasion of the diamond grit layer during operation. To sharpen it is necessary to make 2-3 cuts in silicon or abrasive stone.

Ideal price-quality ratio.

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