GRAFF Expert 12 mm diamond drill bit for ceramic granite and tile


GRAFF Expert 12 mm diamond crown drill bit for ceramic granite, granite, marble and ceramic tile. This powerful drill bit (crown) is ideal for harsh working conditions. The hexagonal shank eliminates cranking when used with a drill or screwdriver. The height of the cutting part is 10 mm. A new generation of heavy-duty synthetic diamonds and high-temperature plasma soldering make it possible to get holes in ceramic granite of any hardness. Drill bits up to 14 mm diameter including contain solid lubricant that cools the tool during operation. Drill bits with 16 mm and 18 mm diameter are supplied without solid lubricant.

To facilitate the work it is necessary to start drilling at an angle of 45 degrees,and then gradually bring the drill bit into a vertical position. In order to avoid overheating and tool breakage as a result of it, the working number of revolutions for the crown (drill) with 12 mm diameter should not exceed 1500 rpm.

Drill size is 12.0 x 67 x 10 mm, where 12.0 mm is the drill diameter, 67 mm is its total length, 10 mm is the height of its cutting part.

This type of diamond drill bits (crowns) is used for dry drilling of ceramic granite and tile only in shock-free mode.