GRAFF double-flute end milling cutter 6х54х10х6 mm HSS M35 for aluminum

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GRAFF double-flute end milling cutter 6х54х10х6 mm with a cylindrical shank is used for machining non-ferrous metals: aluminum, bronze, brass, etc.

The milling cutters are made from steel M35 (Р6М5К5 analogue), which is one of the molybdenum groups of high speed steel HSS. M35 steel has a high hardness at high temperatures due to the cobalt inclusion.
The end milling cutters provide clean milling.

Due to the constructional features, the end milling cutters are effectively used in high performance milling. They have excellent chip removal and provide smooth operations, thus improving the quality of the machined surface on milling machines.

The overlapping end teeth of a milling cutter (without a center hole) allows both radial and axial feed.

These milling cutters are analogues of the European DIN 327 classification.