GRAFF diamond crown drill bit 112×12 mm 1 1/4″ for reinforced concrete diamond drilling (core drilling)


GRAFF diamond crown drill bit 112×12 mm 1 1/4″ is ideal for drilling reinforced concrete with diamond drilling machines.

The 20 mm long turbo segments with a serrated edge provide high drilling speed and ensure cutting rebar. This crown drill bit is used for both dry and wet cutting. The segments are attached to the drill bit body by laser welding.

The diamond drill bit for reinforced concrete has the following parameters: crown drill bit diameter – 112 mm; body length of crown drill bit – 450 mm; segment’s height – 12 mm; segment’s width – 24 mm, segment’s thickness- 3,5 mm, number of segments – 10.

The diamond drill bit can be self-sharpened by abrasion of the diamond grit layer during operation.

GRAFF diamond crown drill bit is suitable for the following equipment:
● diamond drilling machines;
● diamond core drilling machines;
● diamond drilling rig machines;
● concrete boring machines;
● diamond borers;
● diamond drilling machines for concrete;
● borers for diamond perforation.

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