GRAFF bit Torsion PH2x50 mm 2 pcs in a blister pack

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The GRAFF bit Torsion PH2x50 mm is a special bit with a flexible insert that works on twisting, thus compensating impacts. These bits have already proven their effectiveness, especially on screwdrivers or fastening tools with tangential impact.

A tangential impact is an impact, which is directed tangentially to the bit. With such impact, a tool not only twists the bit, but also kicks it slightly. Hence, bits without torsion often fail as the impact causes grooves’ wear-off.

Torsion bits are also perfect to work with hard materials. While screwing self-drilling fasteners into metal, an impact occurs with the final tightening and the bit compensates this impact.

The GRAFF Torsion PH2x50 mm bit is made from high-quality material to ensure a long service life.

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