GRAFF abrasive grinding wheel (sanding paper) 125 mm P100 grit without holes, 5 pcs in a blister pack

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This is sanding paper P100 grit on a paper self-locking base (velcro) for angle grinders and backup pads. They are removable sanding paper wheels with varying grain. Aluminium oxide grain ensures impressive service life of the product. Closed grain distribution provides processing any materials and guarantees high removal rate of the processed material.
This sanding paper (Velcro, grinding wheels) is intended for manual and machine processing of various materials: metal, wood, plastic, paint, lacquer. It is also perfect for removing old paint, preparing surface for priming and painting, grinding painted surfaces.
GRAFF grinding wheel 125 mm P100 grit without holes is large-grained and intended for primary grinding.

Parameters of sanding tools:
Diameter is 125 mm;
Grit is 100;
Hole number is 0.

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