GRAFF 24x370x500 mm drill bit for concrete for the SDS max puncher


GRAFF drill for concrete, 24x370x500 mm for the SDS-max perforator, high performance during the concrete drilling. The vacuum soldering of the primary tungsten carbide allows the GRAFF drill for concrete to withstand high pressures and cope with the most difficult tasks. Due to the high accuracy of the central soldering, the drill allows you to achieve very smooth and even holes in the concrete, without any vibrations during the drilling process.

– 22x370x500 mm, whereby the 24 mm is the diameter, 370 mm is the working length and 500 mm is the total length.

You should avoid overheating, jamming and side pressuring the drill.

The given drill is used for both, shock and shockless working methods while using the perforators of any given brand, which is equipped with a chuck mount for the SDS-max.