Magnetic bit holders

Installation of surface trims with one hand may be quite difficult. Magnetic bit holders for a screwdriver are produced to facilitate installation during these works.

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Showing all 1 result

Useful information:

To facilitate tightening screws from the bottom up or in the hanging position, GRAFF has developed a convenient tool – a magnetic holder for bits. You have to cope no more with constantly falling out metalware thanks to a powerful magnet that holds it to the very clamp end in material.

Depending on their design, the magnetic holders can be divided into several groups:

  1. Solid products with magnetic alloy added. They are used for joining bits and fasteners on one axial line.
  2. Pinned holders with a knee bend. They are irreplaceable when fixing system is mounted at an uncomfortable angle.

GRAFF magnetic holders are characterized by high alloy hardness, as a result they are able to withstand any forces arising during fastening. GRAFF magnetic holders are suitable not only for bits of this very brand but also for others, because they are produced in standard sizes.