Diamond drill bits for ceramic granite and tile

GRAFF diamond drill bits for ceramic granite are special drill bits intended for drilling very hard but brittle materials. These drill bits are great for drilling holes in marble, ceramic granite, ceramic tile, natural stone etc. Diamond crown drill bits up to and including 14 mm diameter contain solid lubricant for cooling. Larger diameter drill bits have special holes for air cooling.

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Showing all 12 results

Useful information:

There is a large variety of finishing materials in the modern world. Many of them are highly hard. It is undoubtedly useful when it comes to durability. However, processing may cause certain problems.
Glass, ceramic tile, ceramic granite are considered to be the most problematic among the finishing materials,: they are not only very hard but also very brittle. They cannot be drilled by conventional drill bits for concrete, metal or wood.
There are several types of drill bits that are suitable for drilling such hard materials:
Lance-shaped drill bit
It is perfect for drilling ceramic tile. When used properly, they have a fairly long service life. Such a drill bit is enough for 5-6 holes in ceramic granite. The only thing worth paying attention to is that it should be used directly on ceramic tile, as well as low-speed drilling.
Diamond crown drill bits
As a rule they are perfect for drilling ceramic granite, natural stone, marble. They usually have a small diameter which allows to make a neat hole for example under the dowel. Drills up to 14 mm diameter contain solid lubricant which heats up during drilling and works as a coolant. Drills from 16 mm diameter have holes providing air cooling.
Diamond crowns
However, it is often necessary to drill holes of larger diameters. Then diamond crowns can help you. Their diameter varies from 10 mm to 90 mm. They are best drilled in a stationary machine with coolant supply. If drilling is carried out using a conventional drill, then the crown should have a centering drill bit.
The main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing diamond drill bits (crowns):

  • Length. Depends on the thickness of the material in which it is necessary to drill a hole.
  • The size of the diamond segments and their repetition rate.
  • The shape and number of slots for cooling or the presence of solid lubricant.
  • Wall thickness. Durability depends on this but drilling accuracy is reduced. Therefore, it is worth looking for a compromise solution.
  • Centering drill bit. An important component that allows to drill without a stationary tool.
  • Diameter. The range is from 6 mm (diamond crown drill bits) to 83 mm (diamond crowns).