Diamond blades for metal

To perform high-quality metal cutting with minimal defects and burrs, special diamond blades are used. They are intended for cutting ferrous non-ferrous alloys of different hardness.

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Useful information:

These blades have a standard bore diameter of 22.23 mm and are installed on small-sized grinders. There are blades also for installation on circular saws.
Unlike their conventional analogues, diamond blades have an extended service life thanks to its design and manufacturing method. The blade body is made of special strong steel which does not deform during strong heating.

This type of blades possess the following advantages:

  • Their service life has increased fivefold what proves their cost-effectiveness . One such blade is able to replace a pack of conventional ones for circular saws.
  • There are no sparks, that can cause eye injury and discomfort, during performance.
  • Nothing flies away from such a blade because it is completely made of durable metal. Depending on blade design, its cutting part is made by hot pressing or by soldering segments.
  • When cutting, the cutting edge only is worn down while the blade body itself remains the same by size and thickness.
  • There are no chips and dirt left on the end part of the product. It helps to maintain the workpiece geometry.
  • When cutting, the workpiece does not heat up It ensures comfortable and safe work.

Diamond blades are produced in a wide range of sizes from 125 mm to 230 mm. It proves using them on various types of power tools: angle grinders, professional machines and special cutters.

Some tips for cutting large parts

  • When cutting thick parts and pipes, you should begin with outermost areas where metal is more accessible.
  • To cut moldings and other delicate details, it is necessary to work in stages: firslty one part is cut, then another one. Besides, if you choose a smaller blade, cut quality is higher.
  • When cutting, water must be used as coolant. Otherwise, the blade will overheat.

Recommendations for choosing blades
You should choose blades correctly to make their service life longer. When buying, keep in mind the following points:

  • The blade diameter: it must correspond the bore diameter of your angle grinder.
  • The size of the product cutting part. The larger it is, the longer service life of the blade is, but its cost will also be higher then.