Cutting discs for stone and concrete

GRAFF cutting wheel for stone is used for cutting various substrates. This disc is made of special abrasive raw materials of aluminum oxide. The blade is good for trimming stone laid on pavements. It also can be used when working with tiles, silicate, natural and clinker bricks.

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Useful information:

Cutting and grinding wheels are special types of equipment for angle grinders which are designed for cutting various materials. Wheels for small power tools are available in two diameters: 115 and 125 mm. The thickness of the ware depends on the type of performed work and its purpose.

Cutting wheels
Cutting wheel is such one which has small thickness. Its thickness can be 0.8 mm, 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm, 2 mm and 3.2 mm. The thinner is a disc, the easier is cutting process. However working with such equipment becomes more dangerous due to fracture probability. Herewith the process of sawing becomes easier. The specific thickness is also selected on the assumption of metal which will be cut.

Grinding wheels
Grinding wheel is called a wheel with increased thickness. This provides greater contact with the processed surface, eliminating the likelihood of accidental through saw kerf, especially when working with thin metal. The thickness of such disc is 6mm. The blade is made of coarse or fine abrasive depending on the quality of processed surface. If it is necessary to peel old paint or rust layers, then the disc with a large fraction of abrasive is used.

Wheel design
Regardless of thickness and diameter both cutting and grinding wheels have the same design. Inside there is a double fiberglass net in the abrasive which is made by compressing and subsequent baking. Wheels are made not only of varying thickness but also of various abrasive grit which determines its purpose.

Recommendations for choosing and exploitation of cutting and grinding wheels
It is necessary to guide by practical aspects when deciding to buy cutting or grinding wheels:

  • Type of work material. The discs can be used not only for cutting metal but also for cutting plastic and plexiglass. They usually have a smaller thickness from 0.8 mm.
  • Manufacturer. In many ways the durability of the power tool accessories depends on a manufacturer. If you need a high-quality disc, buy GRAFF products.
  • Diameter. The diameter is selected based on the parameters of the power tool that will be used. 115mm and 125mm cutting and grinding wheels are installed on small angle grinders.

It is important to pay attention to the abrasive grit when choosing a grinding wheel. It is indicated on the front side.