Сore drill bit for concrete SDS plus

To perform high-quality drilling concrete, marble, brick and natural stone, special core drill bits are used. For a rotary hammer, it is better to use core drill bits for concrete with an SDS plus chuck.
This is the most common and effective shank design which has grooves on tool cylindrical surface. The installation part diameter is 10 mm for all sizes.

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Useful information:

To make an even hole in masonry, concrete, sand and gravel mix, gas blocks and other solid mineral rough subfloors, core drill bits for concrete with SDS plus shanks are used.
This is a special tool for a hammer drill with an appropriate clamp, with which you can drill holes in various mineral substrates 68 and 80 mm diameter. Thanks to such a core drill bit, it is possible to make mounting holes for a drain pipe, installing electrics and drill communicated channels between rooms.

Product design
A core drill bit for concrete SDS plus is a cylindrical product hollow inside with an integrated standard shank for installation in a power tool with an appropriate cartridge.
This product is developed for operation in shock mode, therefore the core drill bit walls are thickened and there is a hole for removing dust from drilling zone and simultaneous cooling, because it heats up very much during performance.
There are 8 or 10 grooves on the cutting part in which primary tungsten carbide teeth are sealed with special alloy. This is a special material that has high hardness and does not break during long-term operation; besides, it does not require additional sharpening. If used correctly, this core drill bit has long service life ensuring performance quality.

Features of core drill bits for concrete
Core drill bits for concrete with SDS plus shank have a lot of advantages. The first one is high durability thanks to their construction. Even if used intensively, the core drill bit does not overheat and as a result retains its strength and reliability of fixing cutting teeth.
For manufacturing segment special alloy is used, which has increased strength and does not require restoration for a long time.
In case of tooth loss, the core drill bit can be restored by specialized companies.
The core drill bit body is equipped with alternating rings which has variable diameters. It eliminates jamming.
A centering drill can be replaced in case it is worn; you should just unscrew the special clamping screw on the shank at the tool base.

Recommendations for selection and operation
Core drill bit for concrete SDS plus is a fairly simple tool for drilling holes in concrete substrates with diameters of 68 and 80 mm. Therefore, choosing them keep in mind following criteria:

  • Drilling depth. In our store includes core drill bits that are designed to make holes up to 50 mm in depth.
  • Diameter of a core drill bit. Different sizes are available but the catalog contains accessories with 68 mm and 80 mm diameters. These are common tools to make holes for installing various types of electrics and plumbing.
  • When choosing a product, pay attention to its construction. It must be solid with a shank. If it is separate and clamped with a screw, this may cause problems during. A different situation occurs with a centering drill, which can be replaced and only one load is applied to it.

When drilling concrete, especially with a high content of fine gravel, it is necessary to apply a load with short pauses for cutting teeth to cool. Also, it is necessary to feed the tool during drilling so that segments do not break out on large protrusions and hard granite.