Chisels and peaks SDS-plus

To perform many types of concrete demolition, flat chisels and peaks are required. These are power tool accessories installed in a perforator or in a jackhammer. They are intended for demolition works when you need to remove parts or an entire structure from brick, monolith and reinforced concrete.

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Useful information:

When performing preliminary cuts, you can make channels for laying elements of plumbing equipment, a wire or an electrician.
Products are made of especially durable types of alloys; therefore, they provide the necessary operating modes without significant changes in their characteristics. With their help, you can not only dismantle construction parts, you can also make a hole of any size.

Classification of flat and point chisels
Depending on the shank shape and size, chisels can be intended for installation in various tools:

  • SDS plus is the smallest of the above listed cartridges; it is intended for installation in small-sized perforators with 10 mm cartridge size. The length of such chisels may reach 250 mm.
  • SDS max – type of chisels with an increased size of the shank up to 18 mm. This type of equipment is intended for installation in large-sized perforators or specialized jackhammers. Chisels have a reinforced structure, so they are designed to perform more difficult work. For more reliable tool retention in an electric hammer drill, 3 open and 2 closed slots are provided.
  • SDS hex is a tool with a hexagonal shank intended for use only in jackhammers. Shank sizes may be 19, 28 and 30 mm.

Chisels differ also in shapes of their working tips. They are sometimes pointed and intended for preparatory, dismantling, installation and other mortising works. They can also be flat. This tool is produced with a tip in which the edge width may reach up to 40 mm.
There are also blade chisels designed to remove significant roughness from surfaces, old plaster, ceramic tiles. The working surface of such a device can be 80 mm. For the manufacture of channels in concrete structures, semicircular or channel chisels are used.
If it is necessary to remove several bricks from masonry, butt chisels are used. Working surface of such a tool is wide and it has two soldered teeth on its sides. A special ramming chisel is used for the impaction of materials.

Recommendations for choosing chisels
The main criteria for choosing chisels are the following:

  • Type of cartridge, which depends on power tool capacities.
  • Length is selected according to hole or channel depth being made in wall of concrete.
  • A chisel shape is selected according to work performed.
  • A manufacturing firm. Product durability and reliability depend on this.