Chimney sweep brushes

It is necessary to use chimney sweep brushes to clean the smoke exhaust systems in private houses, workshops and other buildings where fireplaces, stoves, potbelly stoves, gas boilers are installed. GRAFF company offers 2 products for effective cleaning of varying complexity systems. This effectiveness is ensured by a flexible rod.

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Useful information:

If you want a smoke exhaust system to work properly, effectively pulling out all burned and unburned gases from the firebox, it must be cleaned regularly. To perform this unpretentious but rather complicated operation, special brushes on a long handle were invented. It is a circle brush with elastic segments fixed on the axis and diverging in different directions.
The brush diameter is chosen so that one can perform the cleaning of any smoke exhaust systems, including narrowed channels, which are quite widespread in potbelly stoves constructions of country houses. A handle must be flexible so that a tool can penetrate the most distant and inaccessible places of the system.
Various manufacturers offer their chimney sweep brush designs, which are distinguished by the material from which brushes are made.
The brand GRAFF uses nylon and steel for its products. Nylon brushes are recommended for more frequent use, as the streaks are quite flexible and remove a small layer of soot in one pass. If the chimney has not been cleaned for a long time, then it is better to use brushes with steel threads attached to it.
Due to the increased elasticity of such a tool it is possible to tear off more soot kneaded over the years of active chimney operation. Such a tool is recommended for those owners who very rarely clean the chimney because they seldom visit their country houses.
Handle construction. Owners themselves make often a handle from an obtained stick but special handles are made as well. For brushes which small chimneys are cleaned with, they are made whole from a single piece of material: either wood or metal.
There are brushes under the brand GRAFF with change rods that are attached to each other, forming a lever with a length of up to 7 m. They are made of special flexible material. Thanks to this the brush can be bent at an angle of 90 degrees, thereby performing a system cleaning with chimney bends. The length of a single rod is 1.4 m and rods are interconnected by threads what provides increased reliability. It is especially important when performing cleaning of complex smoke exhaust systems.

Recommendations for selection and operation
Brushes for cleaning smoke exhaust systems are quite popular products, especially among the people who often use stoves and potbelly stoves. Thanks to such unpretentious tools, the smoke is effectively brought outside without filling the whole space, thereby providing optimal conditions for normal living.
Therefore, the choice of this product should be approached thoroughly and pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Handle length. If the smoke exhaust system is small, there is no need to pay more. You can buy a brush with a finished handle of 2-3 m long. If the system is large, then from the GRAFF brand you can order brushes up to 7 m long, consisting of removable rods 1.4 m length each one.
  • There are tools with both solid and flexible handles. Solid ones are convenient for cleaning small chimneys. If it is necessary to clean large branched systems, it is better to use products with long flexible handles. For example, brushes produced by the brand GRAFF. They make not only elongated handles, but also bending at an angle of 90 degrees, which significantly expands their capabilities.
  • The type of material from which the brush is made. There are at least two varieties on sale: with steel threads and with nylon ones. The first option is rougher and is intended to perform the cleaning of heavily contaminated systems. The second type of brushes used for more careful cleaning of chimneys.